Missed Classes

There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes. However, classes that have been missed may be made up in alternate classes. (See Class Schedule)

School Uniform

Proper attire and school uniform must be worn at all times.

Level Uniform
Ballet Basics through Intermediate Royal blue short-sleeved leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Advanced, Junior, and Senior Black leotard (no skirts), pink tights, pink ballet slippers

Children's uniform may be purchased at the studio. Prices are as follows:

Royal Blue Short-Sleeved Leotard $25.00
Ballet Pink Tights Child: $15.00
Adult: $20.00
Pink Ballet Slippers $30.00

Remember to have hair back and secured neatly during all classes.

Spring Dance Demonstration

We must be notified by November 1st if your child will NOT participate in the Spring Dance Demonstration. If you do not notify us, you will be responsible for any costume purchases made for your child.

Storm Cancellation

  • If Brookline Public Schools are closed, the studio is closed.
  • If weather conditions become severe late in the day or your class is on a Saturday, please call the studio at 617-277-4161 for an announcement.
  • When in doubt, please call the studio!
  • Any lesson cancelled may be made up with an alternate class.

Ballet classes in Brookline